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Is your family dog on the property division list in Georgia?

The furry member of a family may be just as loved as the children in a home or considered the only child. Unfortunately, the law only views an animal as another piece of property. In Georgia, the beloved pet is put on the property division list with the silverware, furniture, car and home.

Divorce among elderly Georgia couples can be challenging

According to researchers, separation and divorce are in the leading causes of possible emotional mayhem and stress for any age. This level of stress is right behind the death of a loved one. In Georgia, though, seniors who are going through a divorce may find that being of age can cause unique challenges. It may also have the potential for higher financial and emotional stress.

Using divorce mediation in Georgia to recieve a Get

Religion can play a major part in getting a divorce. In Georgia, being an Orthodox Jew can sometimes make a divorce even more difficult. For Jewish people, there is another divorce called a religious divorce, otherwise known as a "Get." A crisis is on the rise for many Jewish people trying to receive a divorce. This is known as the "Get Crisis," and it is forcing many to forgo or exchange many things for the "Get."

A Georgia divorce may be easier if the proper steps are taken

Unfortunately, divorce can be complicated and even messy at times. Some spouses may feel the need to verbally attack each other in an attempt to get what they want in the divorce. This is typically done for financial reasons and to convince a person they will not receive anything when the divorce is final. Georgia residents that are dealing with that situation may find some of the tips in a recent article helpful in their own situation.

Alimony taxable following divorce in Georgia

Getting divorced may cause some emotional discomfort, but a person who is divorced may also feel the financial sting of the outcome of the divorce proceeding. An individual who has to pay alimony or child support in Georgia, for instance, will have to budget for this expense each month. Moreover, the party who receives alimony following a divorce will lose some money in the process in the form of income taxes.

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