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Using divorce mediation in Georgia to recieve a Get

Religion can play a major part in getting a divorce. In Georgia, being an Orthodox Jew can sometimes make a divorce even more difficult. For Jewish people, there is another divorce called a religious divorce, otherwise known as a “Get.” A crisis is on the rise for many Jewish people trying to receive a divorce. This is known as the “Get Crisis,” and it is forcing many to forgo or exchange many things for the “Get.”

In the Orthodox Jewish religion, the man is the sole determinate in giving a divorce and “Get.” Expecting a man who is of the Orthodox Jewish religion to go to court could make him feel wronged and therefore less likely to give a “Get.” Mediation can become an even playing field for both parties and create a low-conflict and safe place to help couples work on an agreeable arrangement — along with allowing both voices to be heard and keeping one party from holding all the control.

Shaming can be an ugly form of force used against someone for a “Get.” Forcing someone into giving a “Get” by shaming can hurt their pride and can even backfire. Allowing divorce mediation can offer an alternative, calm setting, instead of the use of a highly stressful court system.

Rather than having to forgo financial payments or even the custody of children, many Jewish people are finding that divorce mediation is the better way to go. In Georgia, decreasing the stress level while trying to receive a divorce and “Get” can help both parties stay on a level field. This can help the overall outcome of a divorce and “Get” and keep both parties from creating divorce drama.

Source: The Huffington Post, 5 Ways That Divorce Mediation Can Help Resolve the ‘Get’ Crisis, Morghan Leia Richardson, Jan. 6, 2014