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Divorce among elderly Georgia couples can be challenging

According to researchers, separation and divorce are in the leading causes of possible emotional mayhem and stress for any age. This level of stress is right behind the death of a loved one. In Georgia, though, seniors who are going through a divorce may find that being of age can cause unique challenges. It may also have the potential for higher financial and emotional stress.

After many years of marriage, many seniors are likely to have accumulated substantially larger assets than that of a younger couple. These assets could include real estate, stocks, savings accounts, annuities, businesses, retirement plans, pension plans and 401K accounts. Trying to collect all of this information, and placing a value on all the assets, will take a significant amount of time and effort. Many women, who are of later age, may find that they are at a disadvantage when filing for divorce. Some may have stayed at home with the family and have no clue exactly what the couple’s finances are.

Many seniors can be shocked when they start to calculate the cost of beginning a separate life after their divorce. Becoming a new single adult can be very expensive. The expenses for each will not become half of the household’s overall original expenses. One of the best things for seniors going through a divorce is to learn all about the process and act with their heads and not their hearts. If one party has not handled the finances over the years, it is time to get very familiar with them and have copies of all the financial documents.

Many people like the old saying “Ignorance Is Bliss,” but unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, ignorance can be a very harmful and even detrimental. In Georgia, when filing for divorce, it is best to have everything important in order. It is wise to know how household bills will be paid while going through the divorce and to take pictures of valuables — dating them and keeping the information in a safe place. This could make a significant monetary difference when filing for a divorce. Seniors who have questions about beginning the divorce process can always seek assistance with how to begin.

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