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Divorce related sales can bring a profit for some Georgia spouses

For many in Georgia, the end of a marriage also represents the beginning of a whole new phase of life, one in which the choices made and path followed is of one's own unique design. To that end, many individuals want to shed reminders of their former marriage, including their wedding rings, gowns and other formalwear. However, it can be difficult to know how to sell such items, leaving many to tuck these items away in the back of a closet or the bottom of a jewelry box at the conclusion of their divorce.

Adultery unlikely to play a central role in a Georgia divorce

The discovery that one's spouse is having an affair can be one of the most difficult things that a man or woman can weather. In many cases, the end result of adultery is divorce, although it can take along time for a spouse to reach that decision. When a Georgia spouse files for divorce based on infidelity, he or she often expects that those poor choices will be a focal point in the process of ending the marriage. Many are surprised to learn that adultery plays a far lesser role than they might have imagined.

Aiding a child's experience of divorce

For Georgia parents who are going through a divorce, few things are more emotionally challenging than deciding the details of a child custody arrangement that is to be set into place. It is easy for parents to become so focused on the divorce and child custody issues that they fail to give the proper attention to the needs of their children. While some kids handle divorce better than others, all children need an extra measure of love and support as their family transitions from one household into two.

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