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Divorce related sales can bring a profit for some Georgia spouses

For many in Georgia, the end of a marriage also represents the beginning of a whole new phase of life, one in which the choices made and path followed is of one’s own unique design. To that end, many individuals want to shed reminders of their former marriage, including their wedding rings, gowns and other formalwear. However, it can be difficult to know how to sell such items, leaving many to tuck these items away in the back of a closet or the bottom of a jewelry box at the conclusion of their divorce.

One woman in that very scenario saw opportunity in the wedding ring that she feared would be difficult to sell. She created a company, named DreamsRecyced, that aims to help men and women turn their unwelcome memories into cold, hard cash. The online business allows users to upload photos and descriptions of their items, and offer them for sale to a worldwide customer base. There is no fee for listing items, but the company does collect a seven percent commission at the conclusion of a successful sale.

Services such as DreamsRecycled offer a value to both buyers and sellers. Sellers are able to shed these unwanted items with minimal effort. Buyers, on the other hand, can find great deals on wedding goods that normally have extraordinary markups. Buying a dress or a ring online can be tricky, but the deals to be found make this a viable option for many engaged couples.

In many cases, Georgia spouses hold on to their wedding mementos for a period of time after their divorce becomes final. At some point, the memories associated with those items fade, and they fail to hold the same significance that they once embodied. At that point, many individuals choose to give those belongings new life by sending them back out into the market. The money earned from such a sale can also be symbolic, and many choose to use their profits to build financial stability for their new lives.

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