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Aiding a child’s experience of divorce

For Georgia parents who are going through a divorce, few things are more emotionally challenging than deciding the details of a child custody arrangement that is to be set into place. It is easy for parents to become so focused on the divorce and child custody issues that they fail to give the proper attention to the needs of their children. While some kids handle divorce better than others, all children need an extra measure of love and support as their family transitions from one household into two.

Perhaps the most important thing that parents can do to help children through this period is to communicate openly and honestly throughout the process. While children do not need to know every detail of their parents’ divorce, they crave stability. This can be provided by repeatedly assuring them that they are loved by both mom and dad, and that nothing will ever change that love.

It is also important to give children an idea of the basic structure of the child custody agreement. Kids should know where and with whom they will live, and approximately how often they will be able to spend time with the other parent. Giving them this basic information helps them to adjust and accept their new family structure.

In some situations, kids can also benefit from working with a counselor while the divorce is underway, especially when there is a high level of contention between parents or the child custody arrangements are in dispute within a Georgia court. Resolving these issues quickly and professionally is vital. Each parent should do his or her best to make sure that their children feel safe and supported during this time. Doing so can serve to strengthen the parental bond, which is good for both parents and children.

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