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Can Georgia agencies seek child custody in absence of abuse?

Parents in Georgia may be concerned to learn that the Supreme Court of another state has ruled that, even when there is no evidence of abuse, government agencies can ask for child custody in that state. The state does have to prove, for a behaviourally challenged child, that the parent cannot capably care for the child and the child would be best cared for by the state. There was a particular case from which this ruling was granted. Child custody was given to the state when the mother claimed she could no longer care for her daughters. The mother in question was divorced and had twin daughters who were, at the time the case began, nine years old. They were both psychologically and developmentally disabled and the mother felt she could no longer take care of them. She asked the state's welfare agency for help in getting residential care for the girls. The court ruled that the state would get custody of the girls. 

Questions to ask before filing for divorce in Georgia

A Georgia couple facing divorce contends with so many different emotions. It could seem difficult to keep focus on the facts of what is happening, instead of just how each person is feeling. There are some questions couples should ask themselves that could save their marriage or will help them know divorce may be the best option.

Good news for divorced Georgia fathers seeking child custody

Divorced fathers in Georgia who want equal parenting time may have some hope in the near future. There is a new but growing movement led by a group consisting of all women to have shared equal custody between the father and the mother. This group feels their fight may be the only way divorced fathers will have a decent chance of achieving equality when it comes to child custody.

Ruling to keep the house may affect Georgia divorce

Residents in Georgia may be surprised to learn about a woman in another state who has been ordered by a judge to sell her home before her divorce is final. The woman is asking for a court order to instruct the judge to stop the temporary order he gave her to sell the house both she and her husband own. The woman faces the threat of being charged with contempt if she does not comply. Now, however, she claims the judge has gone overboard in what he requires of her in the divorce proceedings.

Finding joy in divorce in Georgia?

It seems that more and more people around the country, including in Georgia, are celebrating when a divorce is finalized. In the past, some people saw getting a divorce as an embarrassment, whether from family and friends and the church, who believed in "til death do us part," or from a feeling of failure. These celebrations, whether joyous or subdued, are to help a person put that part of his or her life in the past.

Insurance policy consideration by Georgia couples facing divorce

When facing divorce, whether in Georgia or any other state, taking care of insurance policy issues is a subject that certainly needs to be addressed. There are several different types of insurance that the parties may have purchased during the marriage, and a divorce may have some impact on the coverages and premiums of each of the policies. Each policy should be carefully reviewed during the divorce negotiations.

Alimony help for Georgia couples facing divorce

Georgia divorced spouses may be able to say farewell to alimony being paid for life. Several states are contemplating changing laws that decree paying alimony that ends upon death. There was a reason that law was passed long ago, but in so many cases these days, that reason is no longer valid.

Will Georgia stockbrokers have to lose jobs to pay child support?

Georgia stockbrokers may possibly have cause to worry if they are behind on child support payments. A secretary of state in another state has revoked the license of two stockbrokers who live in different counties and owe different amounts of child support to their children's mothers. The two men are no longer allowed to sell stocks in that state unless they make arrangements for child support.

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