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Questions to ask before filing for divorce in Georgia

A Georgia couple facing divorce contends with so many different emotions. It could seem difficult to keep focus on the facts of what is happening, instead of just how each person is feeling. There are some questions couples should ask themselves that could save their marriage or will help them know divorce may be the best option.

In a marriage where one of the partners is abusive or will not seek help for an addiction, therapists recommend divorce. However if a spouse is wondering where the love has gone and just feels generally unhappy, there might be a deeper cause than the marriage for the unhappiness and ending the marriage might not be the solution. Some couples may already feel divorced after many years because they seem to be living completely separate lives in the marriage, so they decide to make it legal. There is a reason, possibly other than children or money, why the two have stayed together so long and it may be worth it to explore that reason.

Sometimes, all a spouse can think about is how wonderful circumstances will be after the marriage is over, especially if it seems all the marriage brings is misery. The focus may not be on the daily situations that will arise, especially if there are children. A wife might have to manage yard work and house repairs and a husband may have to learn to cook and do the laundry. These couples could come to wonder if the divorce would be worth going through in the end.

A spouse may feel he or she deserves someone the other person may not be. As no person and no relationship is perfect, there will be unpleasant characteristics on the part of both spouses. A decision will have to be made as to whether or not each spouse can deal with those characteristics. Realizing most people change and grow will also help those who feel divorce will be the answer to any anxiety over the future.

Even if divorce is at hand, there may be some fondness for the soon-to-be ex-spouse. Any resentment in a marriage will most likely be carried over into a subsequent divorce, causing unnecessary bitterness for both partners. If a couple in Georgia have already explored these questions and still feel divorce is imminent, there is assistance and support available.

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