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Increasing numbers of 50+ couples are choosing to divorce

In the past, it was not common to see married couples deciding to split up after they had reached the age of 50. Usually, by this time married couples have been in relationships for a significant period of time with more financial and emotional ties formed than many younger couples in Georgia. However, recent divorce statistics released have revealed that the number of divorces for people older than 50 years has doubled in the last two decades.

Mother sentenced for failing to pay child support

Many times after a divorce, it is the children who suffer the most. Not only is it emotionally draining for children to watch the marriage of their parents fall apart, but it can also cause some financial hardships as well. If one parent in Georgia does not fulfill his or her child support obligations after a divorce, it can hinder a child's opportunities due to lack of financial stability.

Child custody case makes its way to Supreme Court

An unusual case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. At the heart of the case is a child custody dispute between an adoptive family and a biological father. Child custody issues are always emotionally charged, and cases in which one's parental rights are at stake can become even more stressful for parties in Georgia and elsewhere. In this case, both sides have a great deal to lose, and there will be no clear winners, regardless of the outcome.

Property division issues should be addressed before divorce

Hindsight is 20/20. This is perhaps more true in matters of marriage and divorce than in any other arena. The old adage is appropriate, however, when it comes to the financial ramifications of a divorce. When a Georgia couple is faced with the need to address property division matters, a degree of preplanning can go a long way toward a successful outcome.

Making smart financial decisions after a divorce

The months leading up to a divorce can be a challenging time, filled with items that demand attention and a feeling of charting new waters. For many in Georgia, making financial decisions can feel overwhelming in the midst of so many other changes, some of them deeply personal. However, money matters should rank at the top of any divorce to-do list. In many cases, a spouse is aware that they will receive a sizable sum at the end of their marriage. Determining how best to utilize this money is important, as the decisions made now can have lifelong consequences. Some spouses simply assume that the best use of money received from divorce is to pay down or eliminate their mortgage.

Parents jailed in child custody kidnapping attempt

Georgia readers are likely aware of recent news of the arrest of two parents in connection to a child custody case. The parents are now jailed, and facing serious criminal charges after they attempted to flee the country with their two young children. This case not only demonstrates the lengths to which parents will go to maintain a connection to their children, it also serves as a warning of the risks of trying to circumvent the existing child custody laws within one's state of residence.

Realtors specializing in selling divorced couples' homes

People put their houses on the market for several reasons but a growing reason seems to be divorce as more separating couples decide to sell the home rather than have one continue living in the house. With the increase in divorcing couples putting their homes up for sale, more and more realtors have started to specialize in selling divorced couples' homes.

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