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Increasing numbers of 50+ couples are choosing to divorce

In the past, it was not common to see married couples deciding to split up after they had reached the age of 50. Usually, by this time married couples have been in relationships for a significant period of time with more financial and emotional ties formed than many younger couples in Georgia. However, recent divorce statistics released have revealed that the number of divorces for people older than 50 years has doubled in the last two decades.

Many experts believe that pressure to stay within social norms kept many unhappy marriages from going through divorce in the past. Women were less common in the workplace in the past, compared to today’s society. This relatively new financial freedom makes women less financially dependent upon their husbands, while also reflecting a change of attitude in American society.

This change may have prompted many older couples, who had been unhappy with their marriages for some time, to finally make the move to file for a divorce. According to 2009 statistics, one in every four divorces was among people 50 years and older. This is a large increase from 1990 when this statistic was only 8 percent.

No matter what age a couple is in Georgia, they will still have to settle some of the same issues when they decide to divorce. Many times, child custody and child support issues are not relevant since most children of older couples are independent adults living on their own. However, division of property and spousal support may still need to be addressed, and retirement issues may complicate the short and long term financial landscape for each party to the proceedings.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, “More couples splitting up after 25-year itch,” Amy K. Saunders, April 23, 2013