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Realtors specializing in selling divorced couples’ homes

People put their houses on the market for several reasons but a growing reason seems to be divorce as more separating couples decide to sell the home rather than have one continue living in the house. With the increase in divorcing couples putting their homes up for sale, more and more realtors have started to specialize in selling divorced couples’ homes.

Many realtors say that it can be more challenging selling a divorcing couple’s home because the home may not show as well if the couple is still living there together but have rooms divided or separated into two separate living spaces for each spouse.

While it may seem weird to have a real estate agent focusing on your divorce and selling your house, there are many benefits of having a realtor that specializes in selling separated or divorced couples’ homes and it can help you get a higher price for your home as well as get your house sold faster.

Realtors say that when divorcing couples are selling their house, it is best to keep that information private because if buyers know that they the house is for sale because the couple is getting divorced, they may think they are desperate to sell the home and make a lower offer.

Staging the house to make it look more appealing includes making sure the rooms are free of clutter but also not too bare. This may mean adding extra furniture pieces or items in a closet to show that the home is still being lived in by a family.

Deciding to sell the home can be very emotional, especially when a couple is already going through the complicated process of getting divorced. However, couples can benefit from having a realtor that is understanding of their divorce and knows what extra steps to take when getting the house ready for prospective buyers.

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