Month: August 2010

Hill-Macdonald, LLC reaches a milestone

August 19, 2010, was a milestone for Hill-Macdonald, LLC.  We purchased the office building on Lawrence Street that we have occupied since our inception.  Our goal is to develop the space to provide efficiencies that will allow us to serve our clients...

Those Devilish Details

For many trial lawyers, the rule of thumb is to pick the two or three strongest points of the case and emphasize them to the Court.  That rule of thumb works well in divorce and family law cases as well as other cases. However, sometimes the devil is in the details....

The Benefits of Pre-Divorce Planning

Thoughtful pre-divorce planning is key in obtaining a client's divorce objectives that fully promote the client's best interests and those of any children going forward.Statistics from many sources suggest that this holds even more true for many divorcing women than...


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