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The Divorce Divide: Complex Considerations for Many

Divorce experts and experienced family law attorneys know that the divorce process can be radically varied for different couples; that is, it seldom unfolds in a cookie-cutter manner. There are numerous reasons why couples divorce, ranging from incompatibility considerations and financial concerns to child-related issues and other matters.

In contemporary society, too, and for just as many reasons, many couples who might otherwise consider divorce are staying married. The term in coinage among some divorce commentators is the “un-divorced,” and it signifies a growing trend of couples who, facially, might seem better off divorced yet are remaining married.

In today’s economy, it is not hard to understand, why, for many couples with bona-fide “divorce-level” issues, the decision is mutually made to remain married. For some couples, it is simply prohibitively expensive to live apart. In 2010, it is hardly rare to see a sudden job loss for one or both spouses in a marriage, or to note that losing umbrella coverage under a spouse’s health insurance policy can cost thousands of dollars.

Couples who many of us can’t quite figure out as an intact pair also remain together for a variety of reasons other than money, to be sure. Perhaps the religion of one or both partners frowns on divorce. Perhaps a couple is staying together “for the sake of the kids,” which is a common refrain. Perhaps there is a fear of losing friends, of straining social ties, of airing laundry in public.

There are, at bottom, diverse and unique considerations involved in every couple’s decision to stay married or to seek a divorce. Oftentimes, a couple simply doesn’t know what questions to ask or where to begin. An experienced and empathetic divorce attorney is a logical sounding board for divorce-related questions and concerns, as well as for containing costs when that is a central issue.

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