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Those Devilish Details

For many trial lawyers, the rule of thumb is to pick the two or three strongest points of the case and emphasize them to the Court.  That rule of thumb works well in divorce and family law cases as well as other cases.

However, sometimes the devil is in the details.  This is especially true where the parties have complex financial affairs or where one party has worked for some time to conceal financial facts from the other party.  In those cases, it is frequently small details that lead to the discovery of large facts and subsequent success in the case.
Custody cases can also be won or lost based on the details.  The totality of small bits of evidence can show a necessary change of circumstances for custody modification.  Likewise, a totality of small bits of evidence can show the Court what is truly in the best interest of a child.
At Hill-Macdonald, LLC, we consider both approaches to a case. Together with our clients, we decide which approach is most appropriate for the case.  If the highly detailed approach is appropriate, we work with a number of talented, reliable experts who help to develop the detailed evidence and present it to the Court professionally.
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