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Welcome to Our Cobb County Divorce Law Blog

Welcome to our divorce law blog. Hill/Macdonald, LLC, is a divorce law firm serving clients in Cobb County and surrounding areas from our Marietta, Georgia office. We’re starting this blog because we have a passion and sincere interest in the evolving and dynamic practice of divorce law and are interested in how this evolution ties in with divorce in Georgia.

We understand that, for those about to take steps to begin divorce, this impending process is foremost on their minds. We’re sensitive to the urgency around resolving this situation as quickly and advantageously as possible. Lawyers at Hill/Macdonald, LLC, approach each case as though it may go to trial, amassing meticulous detail upfront in order to do everything in our power to bring about a swift resolution.

Within divorce law, our firm focuses efforts on the following:

Attorneys Hill and Macdonald have years of experience handling divorces and related appellate cases in Georgia. Our firm has given multiple divorce seminars for local bar associations, and our attorneys are active members of local civic organizations.

We invite your comments on stories about divorce in the news we plan to cover with this blog, so please don’t hesitate to express your thoughts in the comments section of each post. We’re interested to hear your point of view as to the developing practice of divorce law in Cobb County, Georgia, and beyond. If you foresee a complex divorce in your future, we’re prepared to help.