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Seeing grandparents after divorce in best interests of the child?

Family takes many different shapes and forms in the country today. Possibly the toughest question to answer when a family experiences a change in dynamics is whether something is in the best interests of the child. Many families in Georgia may be seeking ways to ensure that their children are surrounded by loving and supportive relatives and friends throughout their lives.

Custody case demonstrates need for assisted reproduction laws

In recent years, more Atlanta residents are turning to methods of assisted reproductive technology to conceive and have their children. These include in vitro fertilization, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy and the like. However, in Georgia and most other states, the field of assisted reproduction technology continues to go largely unregulated, with no appropriate laws to help families and family court judges resolve disagreements about child custody, child support, parenting time and visitation.

Americans start Tokyo protests over Japanese child abductions

It is a very complex process for a mother to petition for full custody of a child if the child's father already shares custody of the child. When a judge decides on who should have custody, he or she looks at the best interests of the child and it might be difficult to convince a later judge that the first judge made a mistake. It is even harder for a mother to deny the father visitation with the child. While this is true in the United States, it is a whole different matter in Japan and the Japanese legal system has long sheltered Japanese mothers who have taken their half-American children from returning them to the United States.

NBA Star Wade in Court Battle with Wife, Seeks Custody of Kids

A child custody dispute in a divorce proceeding can range from the relatively benign to the hotly contested. It can be relatively simple and straightforward, or it can involve differing stories, harsh allegations, guardians ad litem, expert witnesses and other professionals, and intense media scrutiny.

Online Solution in Ex-Spouse's Visitation Rights with Kids

The interested parties concerning what happened recently in the case of a New York woman seeking to relocate to Florida with her two children agree that the modern-world result made eminent sense. Judges in Georgia and other states are perhaps watching closely.

Aggressive Advocacy In Divorce And Family Law

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