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How to modify a finalized divorce in Georgia

Usually the finalization of your divorce brings relief because it is over and you can try to move forward with your life. However, sometimes it can lead to more strife because it may result in an undesirable outcome for you, your spouse may appeal the decree or conditions may change that warrant a modification. Whatever the circumstances, you do not need to feel hopeless, because you have options. It is possible to modify certain aspects of your divorce settlement.

Possible child support assistance for unemployed Georgians?

Noncustodial parents in Georgia may be interested in learning of a program in another state that will help find unemployed, noncustodial parents a job in order to be able to collect child support. This program also offers help to those who are employed but who are not able to advance beyond where they are. Since it began in 2005, over 15,000 parents have seen the benefits from this child support recovery program. It has also helped in enhancing the local economy.

Court order required to lower spousal support obligation

As the economy continues to limp toward recovery in Georgia, many people are finding themselves out of work or making less than they previously did for several months (or even years) longer than they anticipated. As such, many Atlanta residents are no longer able to meet financial obligations dating back to their pre-recession life and income.

Terrell Owens could go to jail for failure to pay child support

It seems that hardly a month goes by where former professional football player Terrell Owens does not make the news for something that is not football-related. In fact, in the past six months we have blogged about Owens' child support and other family law troubles at least six times. Most recently, we blogged about Owens' successful attempt at a downward modification of his child support obligation.

Georgia judge decreases Terrell Owens' child support payments

In recent years, due largely to the troubled economy and high unemployment rate, many Georgia parents have sought downward modifications of their court-ordered child support payments after the loss of a job or a reduction in their pay. This can even happen to celebrities and professional sports players, as evidenced by former NFL player Terrell Owens' attempts at child support modification following his entry into free agency.

Terrell Owens makes child support payment to avoid jail time

It seems that not a month goes by without some family court complaint or criminal charges being filed against professional football player Terrell Owens regarding unpaid child support. In the latest installment of Owens' ongoing child support drama, a warrant for his arrest was recently rescinded after he made his court-ordered child support payment to the mother one of his four children. It only remains to be seen whether Owens will be back in court next month on similar charges.

Connecticut assists inmates in managing child support obligations

Child support payments can be difficult to keep up with for many non-custodial parents. For parents who are incarcerated, child supports payments can not only be difficult, but an ever-growing burden about which they can do little to nothing.

Michigan Case Centers Attention on Child Support Law

Child support - often a central component in a divorce settlement - can sometimes take a surreal twist in the aftermath of a separation, especially when the media gets hold of a story like the following, which is admittedly a bit sensational.

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