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How to know if divorce mediation will work for you

Litigation may be the most common route for married couples seeking a divorce, but it is not the only one. There are alternate dispute resolutions you can choose to use. One is mediation, which the state of Georgia requires all couples to try before going to trial.

Georgia residents budgeting during divorce

For Georgia residents going through a divorce, finances can be a major frustration in an already devastating time in the life of a couple. One of the best actions to take during this time would be to make up a budget to keep debts from getting out of hand, or even eliminated altogether. There are ways to save money to help take some of the stress out of divorce.

Should mediation play a role in your divorce?

In recent years, mediation has become a big part of the family court process in Georgia and many other U.S. states. In fact, in some jurisdictions, divorcing couples are required to make an attempt at mediation before they are allowed to schedule a traditional hearing in family court.

Pet mediators can help resolve animal issues in divorce

If you are like most other Atlanta pet owners, you probably consider your dog, cat, bird or other animal to be a member of the family. But under the family laws of most states, pets are considered to be mere personal property, like a piece of furniture or jewelry. Because of that property status, many family court judges refuse to deal with a dispute over a pet, issuing an order based solely on the relevant property laws.

Why mediation may not be right for you

In recent years, family law professionals have touted mediation as the solution to the increasingly backlogged family court systems in Ohio and around the country. Many couples have decided to use mediation as a more cost-effective, less combative way to conclude their marriage.

Should you use mediation to resolve your family law issues?

What if we told you that there was a way to resolve your divorce or other family law issues that would save you time and money, while also preserving your relationship with your ex-spouse? You might not believe that such a thing exists. But it does, and it is called mediation.

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