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Children are less stressed with shared child custody pacts

The latest research on the well-being of the children of divorced parents reveals that shared custody or something similar may be best for the emotional stability and happiness of the children. A new study published in a social sciences journal concludes that children do better when they have a solid bonding relationship with both parents. That finding tends to challenge the current practice in this country, including to some extent in Georgia, of having a child custody arrangement with a primary custodial parent, and a non-custodial parent who gets relatively little time with the children.

Child's best interest in child custody case trumps equal time

In Georgia or any other jurisdiction, child custody disputes are not amenable to formulistic resolutions. To say that all child custody arrangements should be based on an equal sharing of time by the parents is to deny the basic uniqueness of each family's situation that comes before a court. Child custody is best determined by a judge who delves into the specifics of the case and makes an informed decision, based on sufficient fact-finding, regarding what would be best for the particular children under the given circumstances.

What should parents in Georgia know about child custody cases?

Figuring out child custody can be either be really easy for divorcing couples or really difficult. Every familial situation is different, and as such, individualized child custody arrangements need to be made. There are a few options for custody arrangements in Georgia, including sole and joint custody. However, each can written to accommodate the needs of the children and parents.

Physical vs. legal child custody: What's the difference?

If you were to ask Atlanta residents who have not been through a divorce about the difference between physical and legal child custody, they would probably have no idea what you are talking about. Most people think of custody solely in terms of where the child is living, and while this is not technically incorrect, it is not the whole story.

The changing face of child custody

In years past, the child custody orders handed down by most family court judges in Georgia and around the country were largely identical. When parents divorced, the mother would get sole custody of the children, and the father would get parenting time every other weekend, or a similar schedule.

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