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How to survive your first post-divorce holiday season (2)

Earlier this week, we wrote a blog post offering tips for Atlanta parents on how to remain positive and to keep the holidays happy, even when you are struggling to deal with a recent divorce and are unable to share the holiday season with your children in the way that you would like.

How to survive your first post-divorce holiday season

Next week, children across Georgia will get dressed up in their spooky, sparkly costumes and go from door-to-door, seeking candy handouts from neighbors and friends. Although it may not be possible to enjoy Halloween as much as children do (Costumes! Staying up past bedtime! CANDY!), most parents really enjoy experiencing the holiday with their children. So what happens if you are recently divorced and, per your custody agreement, will not be the one taking your child trick-or-treating this year?

Why is March the most popular month for divorce?

With spring fast approaching, many people in Georgia are looking forward to a fresh start. For some, that means doing something relatively minor, such as cleaning out a closet or a new fitness regime. For others, spring motivates them to making a major life change like quitting a job, selling a house or ending a marriage.

Navigating the holidays after a divorce

Throughout Georgia, the many people who have separated or been divorced from their spouses in the last year are preparing to spend their first holiday without their spouse. Regardless of whether you have children or of the situation that led to your divorce, your first holiday alone will likely be a difficult one.

More Men Than Women Seek to Divorce ASAP in New Year?

Both hard research findings and a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence suggest that many couples thinking hard about divorce in the latter months of the year opt to wait instead and pull the plug on failed marriages earlier the following year.

Holidays, Courts, Custody and Visitation Concerns

Given the centrality of child custody and visitation considerations in many divorce proceedings, it is probably not surprising for a family log blog to periodically address issues and timely stories relating to these concerns. We note, for example, the several blog posts we have previously devoted to various aspects of visitation, namely, our August 3 post on parenting plans; a September 7 article on visitation rights accorded by a court via online video conferencing; and, most recently, an October 28 post reporting on the child custody/visitation hearing involving professional basketball player Dwyane Wade and his wife.

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