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3 signs your husband wants to divorce you

You may assume that you could tell if your marriage is ending, but sometimes that is not the case. It may be hard to realize when your husband is truly pulling away from you, especially when divorce is the last thing you want to happen. But divorce can sometimes take people by surprise.

So how can you tell if your husband is planning to leave you? While these signs may sometimes only signal that your marriage needs some work, here are some red flags that your husband could be planning to file for divorce. 

1. He is not spending time with you

When your husband has some free time and he consistently does not use it to do things with you, it could be a warning sign. Of course, people get busy every now and then, but if he is constantly working late, preoccupied with his phone or TV, or going out with friends, your marriage may be heading for the end. Even if divorce is not on his mind, this is clearly a sign of unhappiness in your marriage. 

2. Money suddenly matters

Divorces never start without careful planning. If your husband is suddenly asking about the joint bank account or how much you spend on groceries, this could be a clue that he is preparing to divorce you. He may be seeing an attorney who is asking him questions that he does not know the answer to. 

3. He does not want to resolve conflict

According to advice website All Women’s Talk, avoiding conflict is a telltale sign your husband may want a divorce. Your husband may no longer care about how your arguments turn out or even think that finding a solution is pointless. 

Of course, these signs may simply indicate that your marriage has some problems and you may be able to work through them. But if you sense divorce is coming, make sure you start planning for it.