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Property division sometimes highly contested in divorce

Georgia couples who are entering court proceedings for divorce will want to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that seem to cause discord and ignite tempers. Among the issues that are most highly contested in divorce is the topic of property division. Seeking legal counsel in the matter can help you work toward and achieve an amicable resolution and agreeable settlement.

At Hill/Macdonald, LLC, we focus our dedicated attention solely on divorce cases. Our goal is to ensure each client’s rights so that he or she can maximize the assets deserved in his or her case. Our attorneys will also help see to it that our clients’ debt responsibilities are minimized.

The state of Georgia recognizes equitable property division in divorce. However, this does not always mean that assets are divided equally. When the parties cannot agree, the ultimate decisions for fair division of property in divorce are left to the discretion of a judge in each case. Our lawyers have combined experience of more than 25 years and will work to make sure that your best interests are protected with regard to division of marital property.

Many issues are taken into account by the court when considering fair property division in divorce, including alimony obligations, financial positions of each spouse and conduct during marriage. Hill/Macdonald, LLC will act as your personal advocate and guide you through the entire process to help you obtain a positive outcome. You can schedule a free consultation by calling our office or using our convenient online contact form.