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Seeing grandparents after divorce in best interests of the child?

Family takes many different shapes and forms in the country today. Possibly the toughest question to answer when a family experiences a change in dynamics is whether something is in the best interests of the child. Many families in Georgia may be seeking ways to ensure that their children are surrounded by loving and supportive relatives and friends throughout their lives.

Do Georgia small businesses suffer when the partners divorce?

According to census statistics, there are well over three million small companies operated by married partners in America, with some likely being located in Georgia. While the marital relationship is healthy, the business most likely prospers. However, when the couple decides that a troubled marriage would be best handled with a divorce, it becomes important to decide what will become of the business.

Program looks to aid noncustodial parents

Raising a child as a single parent is becoming more frequent in today's culture. Often, when a child is born to unmarried parents, the biological father is not aware of his rights. One program in a nearby state is hoping to reach out to noncustodial parents and help them establish parental rights as well as a relationship with the child involved. Georgia parents may benefit from some of the information about the program.

Bode Miller's ex still hopeful about shared child custody

Most residents of Georgia have heard of Olympic skiing champ, Bode Miller. His name seemingly can't be said without the terms gold medals and alpine skiing. There is one aspect of his life, though, that hasn't been as easy to win --a child custody conflict with the mother of his young son. The two sides have been struggling to resolve the issue since the child's birth.

One state taking fresh look at child custody decision process

Anyone who has gone through or may be considering the divorce process most likely has experienced a roller coaster of emotions during the trying ordeal. Even if the separation is expected to be relatively smooth, if children are involved, then decisions may still get hard at times. Settling the important issue of child custody may be one of the more challenging matters for all parties to agree upon. Most states, including Georgia, have a structure in place to help families determine the best solution for living arrangements for minor children.

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