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Bode Miller’s ex still hopeful about shared child custody

Most residents of Georgia have heard of Olympic skiing champ, Bode Miller. His name seemingly can’t be said without the terms gold medals and alpine skiing. There is one aspect of his life, though, that hasn’t been as easy to win –a child custody conflict with the mother of his young son. The two sides have been struggling to resolve the issue since the child’s birth.

Recently, the mother of the boy has spoken about her side of the issue as well as her hope going forward. She has shared some details surrounding how the two met, as well as the hardship of having to relinquish custody of her son early on. She has claimed that she was forthcoming to her former boyfriend when she made the decision to leave the West Coast and reside with their baby on the East Coast.

The woman filed documents in New York requesting full custody of her son just days after he was born. Within weeks of her filing, the father’s advisors informed her that she had two days to appear in California for court proceedings in response to Mr. Miller’s own filing for custody. That hearing resulted in the father being granted sole care of the child.

The boy’s mother did not cease in her efforts to regain custody of the infant. After repeated appeals, the initial New York ruling declaring California as the proper jurisdiction was overturned. After additional court proceedings in New York, Bode returned the child to the mother. However, the mother has now expressed the hope that she and Mr. Miller may be able to reach an agreement that would allow both parents to partake in the joys of raising their son.

It remains to be seen at this point whether a shared custody agreement can be worked out between Bode Miller and the child’s mother. The ultimate goal of a child custody arrangement is to ensure that the child is properly cared for within a safe and healthy environment. There are many resources available to families in Georgia who find that they, too, may need information on how to arrive at the best decision concerning where and with whom their own children reside if they are unable to live and care for them together.

Source: ABC News, “Bode Miller’s Ex Shares Her Custody Battle Nightmare Over Their Son“, Michael Rothman, Apr. 1, 2014