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Are all assets divided during a Georgia divorce?

Many couples who have been married for several years tend to accumulate a number of assets. This includes the assets that each couple brought into the marriage. In Georgia, when a couple decides to get a divorce, one of the main questions is how to divide the assets. Should the assets from before the marriage be included?

Who can claim the children after a divorce in Georgia?

This year's tax season is in full swing. The IRS requires tons of paperwork, and it is important to take the time to make sure the tax filings are correct. Those Georgia residents who are getting a divorce or are thinking about getting one will want to focus on how their tax liability may be affected. The main change is that the parents will no longer be filing joint returns as a married couple. It thus becomes important to determine who will be able to claim any children as dependents on their separate tax return.

Physicists seek algorithm for child custody visitations

Scientists are always striving to use the tools of statistical physics to understand and regulate complex societal problems. In Georgia or anywhere else, can a mathematical algorithm be devised to regulate the visits of parents with children from multiple prior marriages? In an article in Scientific American, the attempt of one physicist was explored. He mostly studies black holes but he set out to see if his visitation schedule could be reduced to mathematical precision. The various child custody agreements of he and his girlfriend caused a conflicting web of inconsistent visits.

How to protect your business during a Georgia divorce

A lot is at stake in most cases when couples decide to end their marriage. Each spouse's financial future is just one situation that can change drastically during a divorce. However, business owners here in Georgia also have to worry about how divorce may affect their livelihood and the future of their company. Planning ahead may help minimize the damage to the business if the relationship goes south later on, but there are also steps that can be taken if a divorce is already in progress.

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