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Are all assets divided during a Georgia divorce?

Many couples who have been married for several years tend to accumulate a number of assets. This includes the assets that each couple brought into the marriage. In Georgia, when a couple decides to get a divorce, one of the main questions is how to divide the assets. Should the assets from before the marriage be included?

When getting a divorce, there are a number of ways to decide how to divide the assets. If a marriage is considered a short marriage — five years or less — then the assets brought into the marriage will remain with the original owner. If the marriage crossed over the five-year mark, then documents proving how much each person brought into the marriage may be required.

If one party is unwilling to agree on the division of assets, consider how much it will cost in legal fees to fight over certain assets. Letting go of one asset in trade for another valued asset may be a way to handle such disagreements. If children are involved in a divorce, then the division of assets may be changed. Many judges will try to split assets in favor of the parent who will be primarily responsible for the child.

Having to go through a divorce is not always an easy task. However, knowing what assets each person brought into a marriage may help to settle many disputes. In Georgia, soon-to-be ex-spouses should be willing to compromise on assets when children are involved. This could help lower legal fees and keep drama to a minimum.

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