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Divorce, visitation and the holidays: How will this work?

Often, coming to an agreement on visitation schedules for parents during a divorce settlement can be filled with tension and resentment. Holidays are particularly difficult to come to terms with, not just for parents but also for the kids involved. For many divorcing couples it is hard to let go of old grudges or memories of holidays together and move forward to create new traditions. For many Georgia families, coming to terms with and finding ways to make the holidays memorable and trying to find time for both parents to have equal visitation can help both the parents and the children adapt to their new family situation.

Georgia property division: Who gets the family pet?

Many pet owners don't consider their pet a piece of property. For many, their beloved pet is truly a member of the family. But in Georgia, when going through a divorce, the question of who gets the family pet is part of the personal property division of the settlement.

Emotions can influence decision-making during a divorce

Virtually everyone who has gone through a divorce would agree that the process can be emotionally challenging. Even when the split is sought by both spouses, the process of ending the marriage imparts a stamp of finality to a period within the lives of both parties. During a Georgia divorce, even the most levelheaded among us can become mired in regrets, sadness and thoughts of what might have been. While this is a normal reaction to the end of a marriage, it is imperative that spouses remain focused on the tasks at hand, and avoid letting emotion outweigh reason.

Is there an epidemic of divorce in Georgia?

Most everyone in Georgia has heard the statistics regarding divorce. It is estimated that nearly half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. As a result, there have been a number of studies done in an attempt to determine if there are any commonalities among couples that get divorced.

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