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Emotions can influence decision-making during a divorce

Virtually everyone who has gone through a divorce would agree that the process can be emotionally challenging. Even when the split is sought by both spouses, the process of ending the marriage imparts a stamp of finality to a period within the lives of both parties. During a Georgia divorce, even the most levelheaded among us can become mired in regrets, sadness and thoughts of what might have been. While this is a normal reaction to the end of a marriage, it is imperative that spouses remain focused on the tasks at hand, and avoid letting emotion outweigh reason.

While moving through the details of divorce, couples may find that they need to communicate more often than they might like. For many people, having to talk to their soon-to-be ex spouse during the divorce process can be difficult. Old memories are easily dredged up, and some find it painful to remain in close contact. Others are engulfed in anger or resentment, and allow those emotions to dominate communications with the other party.

When communication is difficult, many aspects of the negotiation process can be handled through one’s attorney. Smaller details can often be addressed through email, which allows for a more neutral exchange of ideas. For Those who share children, friends and family can help with the transfer of visitation, at least during the first few months of a divorce. Often, individuals find it easier to communicate with their former spouse as time moves on.

Couples in Georgia who have established negative patterns of communication, or who are simply having trouble adjusting to the emotional reaction to the end of their marriage should remember that they have options regarding how to handle the need to communicate during the divorce process. Spouses can try a number of different approaches until they find a solution that works for their needs, and should keep in mind that communication will likely become easier as the process moves forward. Reaching a divorce settlement with as little emotional turmoil as possible is a great goal for any divorcing couple, and one that is attainable.

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