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Possible child support assistance for unemployed Georgians?

Noncustodial parents in Georgia may be interested in learning of a program in another state that will help find unemployed, noncustodial parents a job in order to be able to collect child support. This program also offers help to those who are employed but who are not able to advance beyond where they are. Since it began in 2005, over 15,000 parents have seen the benefits from this child support recovery program. It has also helped in enhancing the local economy.

There are several requirements which have to be met, both by the noncustodial parent and the child. Income levels and the types of state assistance in which these parents and children are enrolled are factors in determining whether they are eligible. Also, the county of residence is considered, as not all counties in the state participate in this program.

This Texas program is set up to assist these parents in job searches, referrals and placement. It also addresses training, advancement and job retention. It provides English language classes for those who may primarily speak another language, as well as general education classes. These types of classes teach skills that will enhance the local workforce and the state’s economy.

While not this extensive, Georgia and other states may have programs for assistance for those noncustodial parents whose goal is to financially support their children. The emotional effects of being employed and productive have to be rewarding to the parents who participate in these types of programs. From the economy of Texas to the noncustodial parent to the children, all have profited, as over $100 million in child support has been collected since the program began.

Source: The Vindicator, “Noncustodial Parent Choices Program collects $100 million in child support,” May 19, 2013