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Georgia couples may be inspired by Simpson asset division

When a well established couple gets a divorce, there are a number of things that can present complications and heartache for the couple and their family. But not every divorce case has to be lengthy and grueling as one recent celebrity account may demonstrate. Georgia couples with complex assets considering divorce may find that it is, in fact, very possible to reach an amicable and fair asset division.

The divorce of Joe and Tina Simpson has been highly publicized, largely due to the fame of their daughters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. As their daughters’ managers, Joe and Tina each had valuable assets, and joint assets that required division when they filed for divorce. According to one recent report, among those assets was a life insurance policy on Jessica for greater than $4 million.

It appears that the couple chose to be fair in their division of property and chose to divide their assets equally. In addition to the life insurance policy, the couple divided their real estate, vehicles, numerous bank accounts and management fees. When the couple originally filed for divorce, there was speculation that the proceedings would be messy, however, these recent reports seem to indicate otherwise.

Georgia couples may not have multimillion-dollar estates to divide. However, every divorce can present unique concerns and complications. Couples may find Joe and Tina Simpson’s even-handed asset division inspiring, and may choose to find amicable measures to resolve their relationship. In many cases, seeking the right channels of support can dramatically increase a couple’s chance for a smooth settlement, in or out of court.

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