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Prenup declared valid in football player’s divorce

When a couple signs a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, they likely believe that doing so will protect them from a messy, bitter family court fight should they ever decide to divorce. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

In many cases, prenuptial agreements ensure that a divorce is settled fairly and that each spouse gets the money, property and other assets that he or she wants or deserves. But it must be shown that a prenup was signed under fair, non-fraudulent circumstances. If that cannot be done, the agreement could be declared invalid, placing the couple back at square one.

This possibility has reportedly been averted in the divorce of football player Deion Sanders and his wife. Pilar Sanders has argued that the couple’s prenuptial agreement should be declared void because it was fraudulent. Specifically, she alleged that the document was partially forged and partially signed under pressure.

Last month, however, the family court judge overseeing their case found that the prenuptial agreement was valid, and that it will dictate their property settlement. Specifically, the judge said that Pilar signed the agreement, that she did so voluntarily and that she is not allowed to make any additional claims as to its invalidity. Under the terms of the prenup, Pilar will reportedly receive $1 million.

The couple’s family court fight is not over, however. Pilar has accused her ex-husband of failing to make his court-ordered $10,500 monthly child support payments. Deion says that he has paid the maximum amounts that the state allows, and that his ordered payments are too high given his current income.

Source: NBC DFW, “Judge Says Pilar, Deion Prenup is Valid,” Oct. 25, 2012