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Georgia family court: Holyfield owes $565k in child support debt

Last month, we wrote that Evander Holyfield had finalized his divorce from his third wife, after two years of marriage and two children together, as well as contentious allegations of abuse and infidelity. Although the couple was able to reach a divorce settlement agreement in a seemingly-harmonious manner, it appears that Holyfield’s family law issues are far from over.

In his most recent trip to Georgia family court, Holyfield was ordered to pay nearly $565,000 in back child support. After making an initial payment of $17,700, the 49-year-old will now have to pay just under $3,000 every month until his arrears are paid. In addition, the judge overseeing his child support cases ordered that a set percentage of his income be garnished and put toward that debt.

The lawsuit against the retired boxer was filed by the Georgia Department of Human Services on behalf of his 18-year-old daughter. In sum, Holyfield has 12 children with six different mothers. He has been married (and divorced) three times.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Holyfield has been inside a Georgia courtroom this year. In addition to the aforementioned divorce case, his Atlanta home was repossessed in July following failed negotiations with his mortgage lender, continuing a history of money troubles that began with a bankruptcy filing in 2008.

It is not known whether his current financial state has contributed to his child support delinquency, or whether it will prevent him from making his ordered arrearage payments in the coming months and years.

Source: Daily Mail, “‘Deadbeat dad’ Evander Holyfield held in contempt for failing to pay $500K in overdue child support,” Snejana Farberov, Sept. 16, 2012