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September 2012 Archives

More low-income couples choosing separation over divorce

A new study has found that most people who choose long-term separation over divorce do so not for religious reasons, but because they cannot afford to get divorced. Most people, however, ultimately go through with the divorce, and the majority do so within just a few years of separating.

How child support could affect your car loan

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, those payments could affect many other areas of your financial life for as long as you, on behalf of your child or children, pay or receive them. One example is if you are attempting to take out an auto loan and purchase a car.

Georgia family court: Holyfield owes $565k in child support debt

Last month, we wrote that Evander Holyfield had finalized his divorce from his third wife, after two years of marriage and two children together, as well as contentious allegations of abuse and infidelity. Although the couple was able to reach a divorce settlement agreement in a seemingly-harmonious manner, it appears that Holyfield's family law issues are far from over.

New programs help military couples avoid divorce

Last year, more than 30,000 military couples ended their marriages, marking the highest military divorce rate since 1999. The reasons for this increase are not difficult to discern: The United States' involvement in multiple overseas conflicts means that more service members are being deployed more often for longer lengths of time.

Do 'cold feet' before marriage signal impending divorce?

It is safe to say that a majority of Atlanta couples experience a good deal of anxiety and nerves during the engagement process, and especially in the months, days and minutes leading up to their wedding. But according to a new study, couples who experience those normal feelings at above-average levels may be more likely to divorce than others who wed with little to no anxiety and uncertainty.

Technology may be a sword, shield or useful tool in child custody

Throughout history, technology has been used for good and ill. Jet engines whisk people to far off destinations in hours, but they can also carry warheads. Medical advances have saved countless lives, but have also led to the proliferation of devastating biological weapons. Recently, a new child custody study has found that smartphones and other technological advances can also be a major source of good or ill for Atlanta couples that share custody of their kids.

Couple strategizes to avoid alimony termination

Although alimony awards vary significantly depending on the state in which the divorce took place and the circumstances surrounding the split, there is one general rule that applies to most spousal support: when the recipient spouse remarries, the payor spouse is no longer obligated to make alimony payments.

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