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In Atlanta, Terrell Owens’ child support case drags on

In the latest news from the ongoing saga that is Terrell Owens’ child support case, the football player has reportedly fired his former Georgia family law attorney after the lawyer reportedly failed to inform him of a pending family court date. Owens has already retained the services of a new child support lawyer, and had a makeup court date scheduled for today. There is no word yet on whether Owens was present for the rescheduled hearing, although it certainly would not have boded well for him if he had missed yet another court appearance.

The firing came last week after Owens failed to show up for a hearing to discuss the latest allegations filed against him by the mother of his 7-year-old daughter. Specifically, Owens is accused of owing more than $20,000 in child support, which means that he has missed at least four of his $5,000 monthly payments.

When Owens was not present at last week’s hearing, the family court judge presiding over the case was understandably upset, and threatened to issue a warrant for Owens’ arrest if he continued to miss court dates. The wide receiver’s family law attorney took the hit, telling the judge that he had not told Owens of the hearing, and that it was therefore his fault that Owens was not in attendance.

The judge reset the hearing for this week, but threatened that Owens could face jail time if he did not show up.

Following the miscommunication, Owens fired his lawyer and retained the services of another. Hopefully, he attended the rescheduled hearing, for the sake of his case and of avoiding a jail sentence.

Source:, “Terrell Owens replaces attorney in child support case,” July 17, 2012