Month: July 2012

The effects of divorce on the immigration process

Imagine this scenario: you have been granted citizenship or permanent residence in the United States because of your marriage to a U.S. citizen. Then, your marriage ends. Now, not only are you dealing with the standard stresses of divorce, but you are also worrying...

Can divorce hurt your career?

Atlanta readers who have gone through a divorce - and even those who haven't - know that separating from your spouse is a long, frustrating, stressful experience. As such, it can affect many other areas of your life, including your friendships and family relationships...

Alimony, federal and state tax laws, and the IRS

At some point after a divorce had taken place, a husband agreed with his former spouse to make a single $20,000 lump-sum payment. In doing so, his wife assured him that he would then be relieved of his $500 per month spousal support obligations.His wife's assurances...


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