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June 2012 Archives

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to divorce

It is likely that many of our Atlanta readers were unsurprised by the announcement that the marriage of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will end in divorce. But regardless of your opinion of the Cruise-Holmes union, it will probably be interesting to see how their divorce plays out.

Should a court withhold custody based on a parent's weight?

If you were fighting for custody of your children, it goes without saying that you would do pretty much anything in order to get your kids. But what if the court's decision to withhold custody was based on something that was at least partially out of your control?

More Kennesaw seniors are filing for divorce

It is probably not inaccurate to say that most Marietta residents consider divorce to be something engaged in by relatively young couples; those who can't make it past the "seven-year itch." But according to new research, divorce is actually on the rise for a completely different demographic: members of the baby boomer generation.

Atlanta third baseman separates from wife

A member of the Atlanta Braves baseball team has reportedly separated with his wife, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. If the separation ends in divorce, it will be the second split for third baseman Chipper Jones, who went through a very public split with his first wife in 1998. Likely remembering that situation, it appears that Jones will attempt to handle this separation as privately as possible.

Treaty would make international child support collection easier

Whether your child's other parent lives here in Marietta or somewhere across the country, collecting court-ordered child support can be a challenge. However, the police agencies and courts in most jurisdictions are ready and willing to help uphold child support orders from other parts of the country. But what happens if your child's other parent lives in a different country? Depending on the country, there may be no way to enforce the child support order and get the payments that you and your child need to make ends meet.

Life insurance can guarantee child support payments

Last month, we wrote about the effect of divorce on health insurance coverage, specifically answering the question of whether a spouse can remain on his or her ex's health insurance policy after a divorce is finalized. In short, the answer to that question is no, but you can read more about it on our previous Atlanta family law blog post.

Woman sues store for fraud in divorce love triangle

A woman has filed a fraud lawsuit against Neiman Marcus, alleging that the store allowed her estranged husband to buy more than $1 million in goods from a personal shopper with whom he was having an affair. To add insult to injury, the items were bought using the woman's own Neiman Marcus charge account, and the personal shopper received a hefty commission on everything that was purchased.

How can you protect your small business from divorce?

Owning a small or family business can be an incredibly rewarding venture. Whether you started the company or inherited it from a family member, it is generally quite satisfying to work for yourself, knowing that you have the power to affect not only the day-to-day operations of your business but also its future success or failure.

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