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More Kennesaw seniors are filing for divorce

It is probably not inaccurate to say that most Marietta residents consider divorce to be something engaged in by relatively young couples; those who can’t make it past the “seven-year itch.” But according to new research, divorce is actually on the rise for a completely different demographic: members of the baby boomer generation.

Overall, the divorce rate has stabilized in the last 20 years. But for people over the age of 50, that rate has more than doubled during that time period, and experts believe that it will only continue to increase in the coming years.

A shift in what is considered socially acceptable is largely responsible for the increase. Fifty or 60 years ago, a marriage was considered successful if it allowed the husband and wife to fulfill their traditional roles. But with the 1970s came a movement toward the achievement of personal happiness and fulfillment, and couples began looking for more out of marriage.

That shift continues today, as empty nester couples look at one another and realize that they don’t want to spend the last years of their lives with someone who no longer makes them happy. This is combined with the increasing vitality of people over the age of 50, who can now expect to life (and be healthy) for several more decades.

Finally, divorce has simply become more socially acceptable for people of all ages. However, there are several important considerations that must be made by people who are divorcing later in life; specifically, whether each will have the means to fund their retirement. An experienced Georgia family law attorney can help divorcing seniors answer this key question.

Source: MSNBC, “‘Gray divorce’: Why are more seniors separating?” Dr. Robi Ludwig, June 8, 2012