Month: January 2012

Is cohabitation healthier than marriage?

According to a recent study into the relative health benefits of cohabitation and marriage, researchers came to a surprising conclusion. People who choose to live together without marrying may be more happy and healthy and have better social ties than married...

Post-divorce, Lindsey Vonn succeeds on the slopes

It can be difficult enough to separate from a spouse with whom you share a home and a family. So what happens when you share a career with your spouse, and a very public one at that? This is what Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn had to deal with when her husband filed for...

Child support collections up in Georgia

Last month, we reported on what has become somewhat of an epidemic in the United States: the failure of many parents to pay their court-ordered or agreed-upon child support. According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, less than half of all custodial parents...


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