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Post-divorce, Lindsey Vonn succeeds on the slopes

It can be difficult enough to separate from a spouse with whom you share a home and a family. So what happens when you share a career with your spouse, and a very public one at that? This is what Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn had to deal with when her husband filed for divorce in November. Because not only was he her spouse, but he was also her coach, scheduler, manager, and press liaison.

However, in the wake of her split from her husband, Vonn has reportedly been having one of her best skiing seasons to date. With six race wins, she is currently leading the overall World Cup standings by a significant margin, and is ranked in the top 15 in all four disciplines for the first time in her career. In addition, she has made history by becoming one of only five female skiers ever to win in all five skiing events.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Vonn has cited her new coaching staff as a main reason for her success. “It has worked out really well,” she said. “Especially considering everything that’s been going on in my personal life, it’s great to have a coach I can really rely on.”

Vonn is, of course, referring to her recent divorce from Thomas Vonn, her husband of four years. Although not an official U.S. Ski Team coach, Thomas had taken over the roles of personal coach and professional adviser for his wife following their 2007 marriage. He coordinated all of the logistical details of her career, leaving her free to focus on developing her skiing skill and technique.

However, it appears that her marriage may have been holding her back on the slopes. We wish her continued success in the remainder of the competition season.

Source: Huffington Post, “Lindsey Vonn’s Divorce Isn’t Hindering Performance,” Andrew Dampf, Jan. 16, 2012