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Terrell Owens makes child support payment to avoid jail time

It seems that not a month goes by without some family court complaint or criminal charges being filed against professional football player Terrell Owens regarding unpaid child support. In the latest installment of Owens’ ongoing child support drama, a warrant for his arrest was recently rescinded after he made his court-ordered child support payment to the mother one of his four children. It only remains to be seen whether Owens will be back in court next month on similar charges.

The arrest warrant was reportedly issued after Owens failed to appear in Georgia family court for a scheduled hearing regarding his missed child support payments. In addition, the court was supposed to consider Owens’ request to lower his monthly obligation. However, Owens did not show up for the hearing, and the presiding judge issued the warrant for his arrest.

Owens claims that he attempted to reschedule the hearing, but that his daughter’s mother refused. He was not able to attend the hearing, he says, because he had an important workout with a football team which would determine whether he would be signed by the team. Owens is currently a free agent, and is recovering from knee surgery. His current unemployed status and lack of income is also why he requested the downward modification in child support, he says.

However, Owens was able to come up with the money, and made the full child support payment to his daughter’s mother, who then dropped her contempt of court charges against him. It is not clear whether he will continue to seek the modification of his monthly obligation. If he is signed by an NFL team, he and his income will likely not qualify for a downward modification.

Source: The Christian Post, “Terrell Owens Avoids Arrest,” Christine Thomasos, Nov. 14, 2011