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Terrell Owens facing child support contempt charges in Georgia

The mother of a child of Terrell Owens’ has filed court papers in Fulton County, asking a judge to charge the football player with contempt after he allegedly failed to pay his court-ordered child support for the month of June. The mother claims that she was told by Owens’ financial advisors that he recently decided to no longer make the full $5,000 per month child support payment.

Because he simply decided not to pay instead of requesting a child support modification, the mother says, she will be seeking attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to the full child support payment. Because both parties are residents of the Atlanta area, she filed the contempt papers in Fulton County Superior Court.

According to the mother’s attorney, she does not harbor any bad feelings toward Owens, and is hopeful that the two will be able to work out an agreement quickly. “She simply asks that he follow the order to which he agreed,” the mother’s attorney said. “Rather than discussing his situation with her or her lawyers first, he simply cut his child support.”

Strangely, news reports do not mention the ages of the child or children that Owens has with this woman. It is widely suspected that Owens has several children with several different women, but that has not been confirmed or denied by the football player.

Owens, who has played for several NFL teams, is currently a free agent. He won’t be able to sign with a new team until the NFL lockout reaches a resolution. Presently, he is recovering from a knee surgery he underwent earlier this summer.

Source: NBC Sports, “Terrell Owens accused of failing to pay child support,” Michael David Smith, 29 June 2011