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July 2011 Archives

Court: airline can't decide whether pilot divorces are legitimate

Earlier this month, a federal appeals court ruled that an airline cannot decide that a pilot's divorce is fake, dismissing a lawsuit that accused nine pilots of divorcing their spouses in an attempt to tap into their pension benefits early.

Mother blames poppy seeds for loss of custody

In one memorable episode of the television show Seinfeld, Elaine is shocked to discover that a urine test taken in preparation for her upcoming trip to Kenya comes back positive for opium. Later in the episode, she is relieved to learn that her consumption of poppy seed muffins is responsible for the positive drug test result, and not actual drug use.

Custody of 3-year-old girl awarded to Georgia sex offender

This week, a girl celebrated her fourth birthday in Georgia. For young children, birthdays are usually a happy and exciting occasion, filled with cake and presents, friends and family. Yet this birthday probably won't be like most for this young girl. Earlier this month, she was taken from her grandparents, with whom she has lived since birth, and sent to live with her deceased mother's former husband, a registered sex offender, after a court granted him full physical custody of the girl.

Behind the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorce

Although Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their divorce less than one week ago, entertainment and media outlets in Georgia and throughout the country have already begun to speculate on the reason for the split. One common theory is that jealousy and controlling behaviors on the part of one or both spouses created an unhappy union that, after seven years of marriage, became too much for Lopez and Anthony to take.

Should parents lose custody of obese children? Atlantans say no

A recent opinion article in the Journal of the American Medical Association has Atlantans up in arms. The article says that the state should step in when children are extremely obese. It also suggests that parents should face some legal consequences, including losing custody of their children. Atlantans, on the other hand, would rather see a change in how families with obese children are supported than punishing parents and children.

CEO ordered to pay $750,000 for late divorce settlement payment

In what has become a public divorce case between the chief executive officer of Credit Suisse Group AG and his ex-wife, millionaire Brady Dougan was recently ordered to pay his wife over $750,000 in interest for a late divorce settlement payment. He was late on the payment by just 12 days, which indicates the size of the divorce settlement.

Falling home prices may lower the divorce rate

Three or so years in to the economic recession, there are very few people who have not been affected by the high unemployment rate, damaged housing market, and falling home prices. Although unemployment has slowly declined in Georgia and many parts of the country, the housing market has struggled to rebound, with interesting effects on marriage and divorce depending on a couple's situation.

Terrell Owens facing child support contempt charges in Georgia

The mother of a child of Terrell Owens' has filed court papers in Fulton County, asking a judge to charge the football player with contempt after he allegedly failed to pay his court-ordered child support for the month of June. The mother claims that she was told by Owens' financial advisors that he recently decided to no longer make the full $5,000 per month child support payment.

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