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DeKalb Co. implements new program for deadbeat parents

While there can be many reasons behind a failure to pay child support, it is not a good situation to be in, either for the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent. In general, child support collection is taken very seriously and there are a number of possible consequences for what are termed “deadbeat parents.”

In one Georgia county, the consequences of failing to pay child support just got a little tougher. DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James and Tax Commissioner Claudia Lawson are joining together to bear down on deadbeat parents by revoking their license plates if they go more than 60 days without paying on the child support obligations.

According to the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office, letters of intent will now be sent to 63 parents throughout the county which will warn them of the new program. They will then have 20 extra days to pay their support obligations before revoking their tags.

The goal of the program, simple enough, is to “encourage” deadbeat parents to take responsibility for their children. The measure is an attempt to help the many single parents who are left alone with the financial burden of caring for their children.

Sources said DeKalb County is not the first the implement such a program. A handful of other Georgia counties have come up with similar tag revocation measures to increase child support collections.

Driver’s licenses, it is true, are a privilege and not a right. That fact is reflected in the comments of District Attorney Robert James, who said “Some of these parents have never paid child support. We have others who have failed to make a payment in 2 years or more. Parents who will not support their children don’t deserve to drive.”

Source:, “DeKalb Co. Revoking Tags of Deadbeat Parents,” 26 May 2011.