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Kerkorian, Though Not Biological Dad, Agrees to Pay Child Support

Kira Kerkorian, 12, will never hurt for money or frills. Not only will legal — but not biological — dad pay millions in retroactive child support payments back to 2002, but he will also provide for equestrian expenses, hobbies, beauty treatments, tutoring, parties, pets and Kira’s general entertainment needs.

Dad is Kirk Kerkorian, billionaire, casino mogul and former majority shareholder in MGM Resorts International. Although Kira’s biological father is movie producer Stephen Bing, Kerkorian is the presumed legal father of the child because he was once married to her mother, ex-tennis pro Lisa Bonder Kerkorian.

The support settlement Kerkorian recently signed is interesting to many people because of Kerkorian’s agreement to its terms despite what his ex-wife has openly acknowledged, namely, this: that at one point during their lengthy child support battle, she obtained a false DNA result showing Kerkorian as the father by using saliva from Kerkorian’s older daughter.

As settlements go, this one is substantial. Kerkorian has agreed to pay $10.25 million in back support, plus $100,000 a month until Kira reaches 19 or graduates from high school. After that, Kerkorian will continue to pay Kira $50,000 a month in support.

In court papers filed in 2007, Bing stated that he “wanted to be involved with Kira and take some financial responsibility,” agreeing to pay $25,000 a month in support. Kerkorian’s attorney states that Bing has never followed through on that sentiment, while Kerkorian has stepped up “despite having been defrauded into believing Kira was his biological daughter.”

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