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Celebrity Divorce Lesson: Georgia, other States Vary re Alimony

In an October 21 blog post, we pointed out that alimony (also referred to as spousal maintenance or spousal support) is a concept that is not routinely viewed the same way across the United States. Some states lean more toward the liberal end of the spectrum in their application of alimony, whereas others, like Georgia, far from routinely award alimony.

Can the U.S. Divorce Rate be Accurately Assessed?

Family groups and organizations, sociologists and researchers, pollsters and trend analysts - all of these individuals and entities have long focused on the divorce rate in the United States as a central component in understanding American family life.

Some Marriages Adversely Impacted by New Technologies

Social media sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, along with communication tools such as e-mail and texting, are often cited for their special utility in fostering contacts and exchanges between people, helping to create lasting and sometimes intimate bonds.

Learning from Divorce: Making it Work for Kids

Despite the common nature of divorce in America, there is still a stubbornly held view among a fringe few that retention of the nuclear family at all costs is preferable to divorce in every instance. In other words, an enduring marriage - even if wrought by conflict and unhappiness - represents a better social outcome than a dissolution that produces more hope and possibility for all family members.

Illegal Immigrant's Child Custody Case Under Scrutiny

A recent Missouri case is drawing interest from across the country for the issue it presents, namely, whether an illegal immigrant can lose child custody rights to her child after being convicted of identity theft.

Law Prof. Says Family Law Notions, Rules Will Change in Future

At first blush, the interplay in a debate between what is called an "integrated model of parenthood" and a "diversity approach" to parenthood might not seem to have much immediate relevance to important family law topics and considerations. A Washington University law professor in St. Louis thinks otherwise, though, and says that the outcome is vital for how parentage rules and other family law matters play out legally across the United States in the future.

Marriage, Divorce and Student Debt

It can probably be safely presumed that not many engaged couples compile checklists of compatibility points that might help to cumulatively gauge the likelihood of their future marital success. Likewise, even fewer probably tick off factors that can militate against an enduring union right from the outset.

Divorce Complex Asset Division: Identifying and Valuing Property

Our blog posts occasionally focus on property division in a divorce, since identifying, accurately valuating and then dividing assets as part of a divorce settlement can be of key importance to divorcing couples. This is especially true in high-net-worth divorces, where high-value assets - including, sometimes, a family-owned business, multiple real estate properties, diverse investments and inheritances - are often involved.

Kerkorian, Though Not Biological Dad, Agrees to Pay Child Support

Kira Kerkorian, 12, will never hurt for money or frills. Not only will legal -- but not biological -- dad pay millions in retroactive child support payments back to 2002, but he will also provide for equestrian expenses, hobbies, beauty treatments, tutoring, parties, pets and Kira's general entertainment needs.

Aggressive Advocacy In Divorce And Family Law

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