Month: November 2010

Can the U.S. Divorce Rate be Accurately Assessed?

Family groups and organizations, sociologists and researchers, pollsters and trend analysts - all of these individuals and entities have long focused on the divorce rate in the United States as a central component in understanding American family life.There is both...

Learning from Divorce: Making it Work for Kids

Despite the common nature of divorce in America, there is still a stubbornly held view among a fringe few that retention of the nuclear family at all costs is preferable to divorce in every instance. In other words, an enduring marriage - even if wrought by conflict...

Marriage, Divorce and Student Debt

It can probably be safely presumed that not many engaged couples compile checklists of compatibility points that might help to cumulatively gauge the likelihood of their future marital success. Likewise, even fewer probably tick off factors that can militate against...


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