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September 2010 Archives

Overseas Child-Custody Battles in Military Receive DOD Attention

One of our recent blogs featured a story that demonstrates how a child custody matter can take on extra layers of complexity when it has an international twist. In the case we described, a Georgia resident is seeking custody of his son, who was taken by his ex-spouse to Italy, a move the man describes as "the international equivalent of kidnapping." Courts in both countries are weighing in on the matter, which remains unresolved.

Post-Divorce: Stress on the "Binuclear" Family

As they so often seem to do, celebrities serve to signify trends and spotlight issues (think Angelina Jolie and world hunger, Sean Pitt and his Haiti volunteer work, Kevin Costner and his recent Capitol Hill appearances regarding the BP oil spill and clean-up technology).

International Intrigue in Georgia Child Custody Dispute

In a recent blog, we discussed an American Bar Association survey in which 1,200 judges participated and collectively voiced a strong view that self-representation without benefit of a knowledgeable and diligent attorney is, in most legal matters, decidedly ill-advised.

Georgia Sponsors Innovative Child Support Court

Saying that, "We have had calls from all over the state of Georgia," employee Blue Cole points to the growing success of a fledgling state-sponsored program aimed at helping non-custodial parents find and keep work, stay out of trouble and make timely child support payments.

Renovations at Hill-Macdonald Near Completion

The end is finally in sight.  Our renovations are nearing completion.  We have definitely succeeded in transforming our old house into an efficient office space that help us serve our clients more efficiently.  There are just a few finishing details remaining to be done.

Divorce: The Effect of Generational Attitudes and Womens' Income

If you are in a marriage that was established between 1979 and 2002 and in which the wife makes 60 percent or more of the family's income, you might want to revisit the spread.

Baseball Team Ownership at Core of Property Division Dispute

Everything seems big in the divorce and property division case of Frank and Jamie McCourt; the asset figures being bandied about; the legal fees; the number of houses involved; and the sheer and pricey acreage at stake.

Online Solution in Ex-Spouse's Visitation Rights with Kids

The interested parties concerning what happened recently in the case of a New York woman seeking to relocate to Florida with her two children agree that the modern-world result made eminent sense. Judges in Georgia and other states are perhaps watching closely.

Jury Denies $134 Million Child Support Demand

Donald Bren's two adult children weren't happy about the child support payments that their father made to their mother on their behalf over the years. Those payments were not awarded by a family court, but, rather, were sent to their mother in an out-of-court agreement. The kids - now aged 22 and 18 - considered the amounts received as being woefully short of what they should have gotten, and they took the matter to a trial in Los Angeles in pursuit of retroactive support - a deficiency payment, essentially - that they believed constituted a more reasonable amount.

Aggressive Advocacy In Divorce And Family Law

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