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Online Solution in Ex-Spouse’s Visitation Rights with Kids

The interested parties concerning what happened recently in the case of a New York woman seeking to relocate to Florida with her two children agree that the modern-world result made eminent sense. Judges in Georgia and other states are perhaps watching closely.

Debra Baker and her ex-spouse, James, were married in 2000 and divorced in 2008. Child custody of the couple’s two children, a 9-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, was awarded to Ms. Baker, who sought permission from a New York court earlier this year to relocate with the kids to Florida so she could look for work and live with her parents.

Mr. Baker objected, the judge writing that, “Respondent pled with the Court not to take his children away as he loves them dearly.” The judge also noted, though, that “common sense, logic and a realistic view” of Ms. Baker’s situation warranted the move to Florida.

In seeking a workable compromise, the judge recently came up with this solution: He granted Ms. Baker conditional relocation and ordered, in a cyber sense, visitation rights for Mr. Baker with his kids three times weekly via online video conferencing, known as “Skype.” The judge is requiring Ms. Baker to set up the equipment and establish access at her cost prior to relocating.

Both parties are happy with the decision, and Ms. Baker says she was never opposed to a continuing relationship between Mr. Baker and his children. “”I think the judge was trying to strike a balance,” she said, “to make sure the children have a relationship with their father.”

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