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4 reasons to hire a certified divorce financial analyst

Marriage is often an effective way to achieve financial freedom. If you are going through a divorce, you may worry about providing for your basic needs. You may also fear losing things for which you worked hard. Either way, you want to divide your marital assets in a way that makes sense. 

As you probably know, financial matters are some of the stickiest parts of many divorces. To keep your sanity, you must have a strategy for dealing with money during and after your divorce. Fortunately, you do not have to figure everything out on your own. Here are four reasons you may want to hire a certified divorce financial analyst to help you dissolve your marriage: 

1. Contain emotions 

Money is a strong force in modern society. Often, individuals measure success by how much money they have. When you throw divorce into the mix, spouses often gauge who is winning by how many assets they keep. With an independent financial analyst, you remove some of the emotions from your settlement discussions. That is, you use the analyst’s findings instead of your emotions to drive the negotiations. 

2. Find hidden assets 

Under Georgia law, you should receive an equitable share of marital property. If you think your spouse is hiding assets from you, though, you may worry about receiving your fair share. A financial analyst has the expertise to find hidden assets. 

3. Determine what is fair 

Certified divorce financial analysts have no stake in either your finances or your marriage. Because they are neutral, these individuals can help you determine what is fair. Even if you ultimately do not accept an analyst’s findings, you have a foundation from which to begin settlement negotiations. 

4. Be proactive 

Thinking about post-divorce finances may be incredibly difficult. While it is easy to put off the financial part of a divorce, doing so may be a big mistake. By working with a certified divorce financial analyst, you take proactive steps to dissolve your marriage. Figuring out finances may also help you tackle other tough divorce subjects. 

Hiring a certified divorce financial analyst is not necessary for every divorce. If you anticipate a financial fight, though, working with financial professionals may be a good idea. After all, financial analysts usually have the experience and skills to help you reach an acceptable outcome.