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A guide to emotionally preparing for divorce

Divorce is an emotionally excruciating process. Perhaps the most difficult aspect about ending your marriage is the painful emotions that come with it. Your emotions may become so overwhelming that you make bad decisions. 

While your divorce will be stressful by nature, there are some things you can do to reduce the emotional turmoil. Here are some tips for emotionally preparing yourself for leaving your spouse.

Start the grieving process

The end of your marriage feels like a sort of death. Because your marriage is dying, it is natural for you to grieve over it. Remember that it is okay to be sad. Let yourself feel sorrow and know that you will experience a healing process soon. Eventually, you will feel peace if you let yourself grieve healthily. If you try to bottle up your emotions, you will only prolong your recovery.

Seek support

You should reach out to your support system as soon as possible. You may feel like isolating yourself when going through a breakup, but it is crucial to seek help from friends and family. Talk with people in your life about your circumstances and be vulnerable. Let them know you need assistance in order to cope with this troubling time. You may even want to talk to a therapist.


Now is the time to figure out what is most important to you. While you may initially want to seek revenge or lock yourself in your room, think deeply about what matters. If you have kids, put their needs first. Focus on helping your children cope and making them happy. In any type of divorce, you should also focus on making sound financial decisions instead of making choices out of anger. 

The end of a marriage will always hurt. But you can prevent the pain from overtaking you by getting emotionally ready for what is to come.