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3 common forms of child neglect

From the moment they are born, children are highly vulnerable to the minutiae of their environment. Children must be cared for with intent and compassion, but too often, they are subjected to treatment that falls short of these standards. In such cases, these actions may qualify as child neglect, a serious criminal offense that may necessitate legal charges be brought against the offending party.

Following are three of the most common examples of child neglect that occur throughout the United States. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or legal guardian, you should be aware of the following and do everything within your power to keep the kids in your life safe from abuse and neglect.

Physical deprivation

Needless to say, children have basic physical demands that must be met for them to thrive and live healthily. When these needs go unmet, the consequences can be traumatic at best and deadly at worst. According to the Child Abuse Prevention Center, physical neglect constitutes any failure to provide for basic needs such as clothing, food and supervision.

Denial of medical care

Failure to provide essential physical needs is not the only form neglect can take. If a child is in need of medical care and a caretaker willfully denies her or him access to treatment, this is a serious form of neglect that can have terrible repercussions. Children who are ill need to be treated by a medical professional, and it is the responsibility of their parent or caretaker to facilitate this care. 

Educational neglect 

Children who are denied access to school and an education are also victims of neglect. Truancy and unenrollment from school are often the most common signs that this is occurring. Children are entitled to an education, and a parent or guardian’s hindrance of that education is a form of neglect that should not be underestimated.